Thailand High Quality Seeds 
How to grow high quality seeds 
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    How to grow tomato

How To Grow High Quality Tomato Technique

1. Prepare of land pot.
If soil is acid, may be fill lime cover pot of land to adjust PH of soil ratio 100-200 kg/field and then fill farmyard manure ratio 1 ton/field and fill fertilizer 15-15-15 ratio 50 kg/field. Plough soil and make pot of land wide 1 m., channel of water 0.5 m.Planting 2 row ,plant distance is 50 cm. and row distance is 75 cm.

2. Sawing 2 method
2.1 Sawing in plug tray: Use suitable media, sawing 2-3 unit/grave. After leaves occurred for 1 week, pull out incomplete seedling remain 1 unit/grave. When seedling is 25-30 days, translate seedling to plant on land pot. Do not translate while high temperature.
2.2 Sawing in land pot: Prepare land wide 1 m., plough soil and fill fertilizer 15-15-15 ratio 500 g/ 10 m2 , put seed on row of land pot and then cover by burned bran and to water. When seedling is 25-30 days, translate seedling to plant.

3. To water
To water by sprinker or flow in channel of water, do not over water effect to wilt disorder and don’t leave soil to dry effect to stop development. To water always and enough 2 time/days (10-15 min/time)

4. To fertilizer
4.1 Fill fertilizer 15-15-15 or 16-16-16 support under grave
4.2 When seedling is 15-20 days to fertilizer 15-15-15 again by cover beside plant
4.3 When blossom period fill fertilizer 13-13-21 ratio 50 kg/field every 20 days, take fertilizer to leaves with micro element (Ca-Bo) every 7-10 days to protect solf rot disorder.

5. Cut branching
5.1 Should cut branch remain branch it under flower bud for easily to spray chemical.
5.2 After harvesting, should to fertilizer for support blossom and prolific next crops.

6. Harvesting
Maturity of fruit dependent on object of planting. If planting for retailer, should harvest on pink period. If planting for industrial, should harvest on red period.