Thailand High Quality Seeds 
How to grow high quality seeds 
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    How to grow chilli

How to grow Chili (Hot Pepper)

Soil prepare
          Chilli (Pepper) can be planted in every type of soil but should be fertile loamy soil. Plough soil to sun 7-10 days. Fill farmyard manure or compost manure ratio 3-4 ton/ field, fill fertilizer 15-15-15 and fill lime to adjust PH of soil.
          Should sowing in tray. Cover seeds by wet clothes take in water or Benlet for 1 night and then wash for 30 min. Keep seeds in wet clothes leave in high humidity for 2-3 days. When white root occurred should be sow.
          Plant distance is 50 cm. and row distance is 70 cm. Should make land pot width 1 m. and long 20 cm. space width 1 m. and water space width 50 cm.
To fertilizer
-   To fertilizer 15-15-15 support under grave ratio 20 kg./ field.
-   To fertilizer 46-0-0 (urea) ratio 25 kg./field after transplant.
-   After planting 30 days fill fertilizer 15-15-15 ratio 25 kg./ field
-   To fertilizer 13-13-21 ratio 50 kg./ field on prolific period or 60 days after transplant.
Prevention of disease and insect
          Should mix up well together seeds with fungicide. When find disorder, spray Benlet or Dipholatane. Important insect is thrips, should protect by spray Lannate or Tokuthion every 7 days and should to leaf fertilizer every time that use insecticide.
          Maturity occurs 90- 105 days after  transplant. Can be harvested more than 10 times.